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The different types of SEO explained

SEO can be likened to creating a potion, in that different ingredients are needed to achieve magic. Although there are lots of different tactics, the three main strands to consider with SEO include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.  When each is considered in equal measures, your pages are more likely to rank higher […]

5 tips to ensure your website is SEO friendly

SEO has a typical ROI of between 526% and 1,389% depending on the industry. So although SEO takes time to master, over the long term SEO is well worth the effort. The only trouble is that creating a website alone is not enough to guarantee it will be SEO friendly. Instead, it can take a […]

Why Competitor Research is so important in SEO

For those familiar with us here at Eye10, Competitor Research is the name of one of our amazing tools that is included with all Eye10 subscriptions.  So why is it important you know who your competitors are in SEO, along with what you need to do to rank above them?  Quite simply, knowledge is power. […]

What are SEO keywords?

Writing content intended to be published online isn’t the same as writing for print. That’s because online content needs to be written in a way that appeals to both humans and search engines. Including SEO keywords is one of the major differences to be aware of with any kind of digital content.  SEO keywords will […]

How to do an SEO audit

Do you know how well your website is performing? Sure, website analytics will tell you how many visitors you are getting, and how long they stay on your pages for. But what are the reasons behind these statistics? More importantly, how do you find out what elements of your website aren’t pulling in visitors or […]

How does user experience affect SEO?

As the name suggests, user experience considers how easy your website is to access. Plus how enjoyable it is to spend time on.  When user experience is on-point, a website feels seamless to load and browse. Everything works as it should, and it’s super easy to do what you came for, whether that’s to find […]

How to increase page rankings on search engines

The first page of a search engine result (SERP) is thought to capture anywhere between 71% and 95% of all traffic. So it makes sense that all website owners want their pages to rank as close to position #1 as possible. At the very least, a position of at least #10 or higher will mean […]

7 best SEO practices all website owners need to know

So you want to get ahead on search engines, and you know that SEO is the way to go about it.  But did you also know that there are some key practices you need to adapt to ensure your techniques will actually work, instead of falling flat against your competition?  Eye10 has been brought to […]

How to use SEO software

Like with any tool or app, you will only receive the maximum benefit if you know how to use it.  SEO software is no exception. Having a website that’s optimised for search engines is the difference between getting visitors and more importantly, conversions or not. Therefore, being in possession of the right tools and knowledge […]

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