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How to increase page rankings on search engines

Category: seo Posted on 02-09-2022

The first page of a search engine result (SERP) is thought to capture anywhere between 71% and 95% of all traffic. So it makes sense that all website owners want their pages to rank as close to position #1 as possible. At the very least, a position of at least #10 or higher will mean your website lands on the first page of a search engine. 

It sounds so easy, but getting your pages to appear first, or at least on the first page of a search engine can be a challenge. But don’t give up, as your persistence is well worth it if you want to build page traffic and increase conversions over time. 

Whether you’ve just created your website, or need to improve an existing website, here are our top tips for increasing your page rankings to guide you. 

H2: Check your page rankings

Every page on your website will have different rankings. These rankings will likely fluctuate often depending on how competitive the search term is (keyword difficulty). 

As we know, any position below #10 seriously reduces the chance of your content being found organically. That’s because few people scroll past the first results page of Google.

The first step is to check your page is indexed, which you can do for free with Google Search Console. Once you know your page is live, you can then use Eye10’s Rank Checker to keep tabs on its position number.  

If you notice your page slips out of the top 10 or doesn’t seem to be increasing from an even lower position, then you know you have work to do. For the most competitive websites, all eyes are on that position #1 prize. 

But be prepared, it can take a lot of time and effort to get there, especially if your website is fresh on the scene. 

H2: Decide on or adjust your focus keyword 

In SEO, a focus keyword is a word or phrase that best describes that page. All of the page’s content should then be based around that keyword. 

For instance, on the Eye10 homepage, ‘SEO software’ is an appropriate focus keyword. That’s because our tool is SEO software and everything on the page supports this. 

Have a check to see what keywords your page is ranking for, and whether these best support conversions or not. If the focus keyword is appropriate, the content then needs to expand on it. This may include answering related questions or including variations of the phrase throughout your content. 

Throughout, keep in mind the search intent your users have, along with providing a relevant and helpful experience. 

H2: Create quality content

SEO goes far beyond adding keywords to your content or even speeding up your pages. Just like when you visit a website, your users also want to find a result that quickly meets their needs. 

Make sure your content is well written and presented engagingly. Don’t be afraid to include images, infographics, or videos to support your content (the file sizes can also be optimized to reduce the page load time). 

Overall, everything the user could want from the page should be given to them. So if they think they are getting a particular service, function, or even piece of information from your page – make sure you give it to them. Otherwise, users will head elsewhere. 

H2: Get more backlinks

Backlinks refer to websites that share a link back to your website. It’s important to have backlinks because they act as a seal of approval from other websites. Backlinks show Google that your site is trustworthy and relevant. 

There are many ways to go about getting backlinks, some of which can actually do more harm than good to your website. Spoiler alert: Avoid spammy practices such as paying for backlinks on low authority websites. 

In the first instance, make sure your content is sharable to encourage organic backlinks. There are various social media icons, link shorteners, and similar plugins or tools you can use to facilitate the easy sharing of your content. 

Then concentrate on encouraging good backlinks. This means backlinks that come from a trusted source with a high domain authority score. 

In Eye10’s Backlink Checker, you can see both the quantity and the quality of the backlinks any of your pages have. 

H2: Check your website works properly

Everyone appreciates being able to load a website properly and quickly. 

Use our following checklist to ensure nothing on your website is preventing you from climbing the search engine rankings:

H2: Invest in SEO software

SEO software helps you attack your strategy from all angles. It provides you with incredible data sets to help you research your competitors while tracking your own progress. 

We know that cost and complexity are two of the main barriers with SEO software. But with Eye10, our plans start at just $39 per month, with an incredibly generous range of allowances. 

With SEO software by your side, everything from writing effective content to tracking backlinks, not to mention carrying out SEO audits can be done with ease. 

H2: Prepared to keep working on your SEO 

SEO can be likened to a savings account, in that you do need to continue to work on it to see long-term progress.

Rather than seeing SEO as a chore, it can be very satisfying building authority in your niche. In fact, a thoughtful SEO strategy is the best way to build value on your website overall, as you can bring those most likely to convert directly to your pages. 

As noted, there are lots of people on the internet competing for your traffic. Certain search terms may also be updated to tap into search trends. So you do need to monitor your pages regularly to see where they are, as it will be easier to recover a slight position change, versus a huge drop. 

H2: Affordable SEO software – Increase your page rankings with Eye10

If you’re serious about improving your page positions on search engines for your chosen keywords, then SEO software is a must. 

As well as giving you the answers you need, SEO software is your personal guide to help you make informed decisions about your SEO strategy. Whether you are looking to improve your existing website or hit the ground running with a new website, SEO software has got all of your needs covered.

Ready to get started? Eye10 is packed full of tools including Competitor Research, Backlink Monitor, Keyword Planner, On-Page SEO, Pagespeed, and much more! Sign up to Eye10 today and get instant access to Eye10’s full range of SEO tools.

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