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5 tips to ensure your website is SEO friendly

Posted on 07-09-2022

SEO has a typical ROI of between 526% and 1,389% depending on the industry. So although SEO takes time to master, over the long term SEO is well worth the effort.

The only trouble is that creating a website alone is not enough to guarantee it will be SEO friendly. Instead, it can take a lot of time and energy to build authority in your niche. 

So how do you go about ensuring your website is SEO friendly rather than an SEO flop? 

As one of the newest SEO tools on the block, at Eye10 we’re here to show you how SEO is done. Make sure you master these 5 top tips if you want your website to be highly visible on search engines. 

H2: Tip #1 – Establish a clear SEO strategy

All great things start with a plan. With SEO, it can become overwhelming to know which keywords to rank for, especially if your website has lots of pages. But don’t let this get in the way of having a clear structure, where each page is targeted toward a specific set of keywords. 

If you have SEO software, use it to map out each page. Structure your page metadata, headings, and content around the most relevant keywords. Keep in mind the search difficulty of the keywords, as well as the search volume. 

Remember: Good SEO gets visitors onto your page, but great SEO drives conversions. 

Factoring in the search intent is also essential because that way you have a clear idea of why someone would be wanting your content, ensuring they can find exactly what they are looking for when they click on it. The more people that land on your page and share it with others, the more search engines will reward you with increased page rankings. 

H2: Tip #2 – Conduct regular SEO audits

New content is constantly being added to the internet. So unless you keep an eye on your rankings through SEO audits, it’s impossible to know if your pages are still on top. Plus, whether any technical glitches or even a lack of backlinks are preventing your content from ranking highly.

The reality is too many website owners don’t conduct regular SEO audits. As they aren’t receiving regular information about what’s letting them down, it’s impossible for their website to be SEO friendly. 

But for something that takes just a few minutes to determine, there’s really no excuse not to keep your eye on the ball, especially if having an SEO friendly website is important to you. 

It’s widely recommended to conduct an SEO audit every 3-6 months. Or soon after making any changes to your website. An SEO audit tool such as Eye10’s On-Page SEO will give you a comprehensive rundown of your website’s performance. Then, it’s just a question of making any recommended changes until you see the right results. 

H2: Tip #3 – Research your competitors

As tempting as it may be to stay in your own world, with SEO, you must have an idea of how competitive your keywords are, along with the types of websites you’re in direct competition with. 

SEO research is the name of the game here. The aim of researching your competitors isn’t to directly copy them either, but rather to ensure your website isn’t falling behind in terms of quality or quantity of content. Use the information to create something better, so that your website is more likely to attract visitors and shares.  

Eye10’s Competitor Research tool will tell you your top 20 competitors for any given keyword. You’ll also see a handy list of suggestions on how to secure a higher rank position based on what is working for your competition. 

H2: Tip #4 – Make sure your website works well

Even the best content in the world can’t make up for a poorly done website. Everything from the design of your website to its mechanics (i.e. functionality and security) needs to be user-friendly so that it can also be SEO friendly. 

Specifically, your website should be geared up for its purpose. So if it’s a blog, your website should be easy to read through. Likewise, for online stores, the journey from the homepage to the checkout should feel seamless. Having a custom built website is a major advantage, as is having a developer or designer on hand to fix any technical issues. 

Luckily, an SEO audit will point you in the right direction of what’s working and what’s not. 

Although as the website owner, it’s on you to ensure your website is live and running as it should be at all times. 

H2: Tip #5 – Never publish and forget 

The typical website contains a vast amount of content, from the copy on the homepage to long form blog entries. While any SEO effort is designed to work time and time again, it still also needs updating at regular intervals. 

Ideally, you should make your content as evergreen as possible. For older content that’s become outdated, this needs to be refreshed so that users and search engines alike still find it useful. 

Don’t just assume that because your content currently holds #1 on search engines, it will always stay that way either. Likewise, if any content has a low ranking, don’t be discouraged – keep working on improving your SEO strategy until the balance swings in your favor. Well written SEO friendly content, a functional website plus backlinks will all help the cause. 

H2: Make your website more SEO friendly with Eye10

Having an SEO friendly website is the best way to connect users with related search engine queries. The higher your website and each of its pages rank on search engines, the more likely it is your website will receive impressions, clicks, visitors and conversions. 

Every SEO strategy relies on having SEO software. Eye10 has all your SEO needs covered and can help you to find keywords, research your competitors, complete SEO audits, and much more. The best news? Unlike other SEO software tools on the market, Eye10 is both affordable and simple to use!

Try Eye10 today from just $39 per month. Get everything you need to make meaningful SEO improvements to your website to achieve search engine success.

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