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Last update on 22-03-2022
We’re keen to give you all the information you need to make meaningful changes to your SEO strategy. So, in addition to our top tools, we’ve also created some additional Eye10 tools. you’ll get full access to the following tools regardless of the Eye10 subscription you have.

Keep an eye on our Eye10 blog to understand more about how each of our tools work. Plus, learn the importance of different SEO techniques across the board.

If we release any future Eye10 tools, you’ll hear about them first on our blog and see full details of them here!

Rank Checker

It’s a fact that the first page of a search engine results page will capture 71% of web traffic. Your website will appear on the first page of a related query if it lands within positions 1-10 for that search term.

But how do you learn where each of your pages are ranking? More importantly, how do you keep track of the ranking changes as you switch up your SEO strategy? Rank Checker has got you covered!

Enter your URL and the main keywords associated with the page. Rank Tracker will then give you the current rankings for your page, along with the number of searches your main keywords are getting. You’ll also see how your rankings have changed over time, as Rank Tracker will continue to crawl data about your pages over time.

If you aren’t happy with the position of your page rankings, Eye10’s comprehensive range of tools will give you everything you need to get back on track. You can then refer back to Rank Checker to see whether your changes have been successful or not. Plus, keep an eye on any high rankings to ensure your competitors haven’t knocked you off the top spot.

Backlink Monitor

Backlink Monitor is one of two backlink related tools that you’ll receive with every Eye10 subscription, alongside Backlink Checker. The difference with Backlink Monitor is that you’ll get to see further detail about the quality of your backlinks, along with their status.

For example, a common issue with backlinks is if they suddenly stop working, which will result in a ‘404 not found’ error for your users. Not only will your page not benefit from any traffic, but broken links result in a poor user experience - all of which is bad for your SEO.

So, along with broken links, Backlink Monitor will help ensure that any paid or organic backlinks continue to perform as expected. Remember, the more backlinks your website has, the better, especially when backlinks originate from websites with high domain authorities and unique IP addresses.

If you’ve never paid much attention to your off-page SEO up to now, Backlink Checker and Backlink Monitor are here to change that so that your web page rankings can truly start to soar.


Newsflash: nobody likes waiting around for a web page to load! In fact, the average user expects a page to fully load within 2 seconds. Page speed is closely correlated with SEO due to how sudden page exits push up a website’s bounce rate. The more users make a hasty exit from your website, the more it signals to search engines that your website isn’t a helpful result, and down the page rankings your website will slide.

40% of users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If you count out 3 seconds right now, that really isn’t a lot of time! With so much keyword competition, slow load times are something that no website owner can afford to have if they want to keep users on the page for as long as possible, not to mention encourage repeat visits.

Eye10’s Pagespeed tool will give you accurate speed readings of each of your pages. It will also go into greater detail about how your score has been calculated, along with the aspects that are slowing it down. From there, you can make changes to your website, such as its hosting platform, design or overall functionality, to get on top of these issues.

We recommend regularly checking in with the Pagespeed tool so that your website will never fall victim to pitifully slow load times. Whether it’s due to a new plug-in, a buggy website template or simply unoptimised images on your pages - your users won’t wait around, so make sure you don’t either by using Eye10’s Pagespeed tool today!
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