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Last update on 22-03-2022
Eye10 has been brought to you by real-life SEO experts. Every Eye10 subscription comes packed with a wide range of tools to help you improve your on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

While we’ve designed every single one of our tools to offer maximum benefit to your SEO strategy, here are some of our top tools that we’d like you to get to know first.

Keyword Planner

Keywords are an integral part of any SEO strategy because keywords are some of the main clues search engines look for when trying to match users with relevant results. The question is, does your website contain the right keywords, let alone enough of them?

Cut straight to the answers you need with Keyword Planner. Type in your URL (i.e., your website or a specific page on your website), and add your main SEO keyword and your target location. Keyword Planner will then show you a full list of keywords for which the URL is currently ranking on search engines. It will also give you additional keyword suggestions, related ideas, and Google Keyword Planner suggestions related to your main keyword.

Download the results as a CSV (spreadsheet) or as a PDF. You can then implement these keywords into your page content throughout the body copy, page headings, and metadata.

We highly suggest inputting each of your pages into Keyword Planner to ensure they are fully optimized with the right level of keywords. In addition, you can use the suggestions Keyword Planner gives you to create additional content not just on the page itself but within your blogs or social media content, which is another excellent SEO technique.

Competitor Research

If nobody else was competing for the same keywords as you, then ranking first on search engines would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, with some 1.17 billion currently existing websites, chances are you have at least a handful, if not thousands or millions, of websites targeting the same keywords as you. Without a solid SEO strategy, you’ll struggle to get your website ranking above your competitors

So let’s fix that for you. Competitor Research looks at your closest 20 competitors in the SEO stakes. Specifically, the websites that rank above you for the main keyword of your page. As well as giving you a full list of who’s who, Eye10 will display a comprehensive list of information uncovering why these websites are ranking first and will compare these aspects specifically against the URL you have entered.

This includes the words on the page, keywords in title, keywords in meta description, keyword density, keyword in H1, subpaged index, SSL certificate, Schema, server, provider, link analysis, keyword traffic estimation, total traffic estimation, keyword gap, ranked keywords, total backlinks, referring domains, rank and page speed.

We know there’s a lot to get to grips with, so we recommend working through each aspect step by step. Every aspect improves your page ranking and overall authority in your niche. With all the information you need at your side, all SEO efforts from this point onwards will be purposeful, making Competitor Research so invaluable for your website.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is Eye10’s equivalent of an SEO audit. Yep, that’s right, no paying $$$$ for a professional SEO audit or even being limited to one audit only with other SEO software anymore. With Eye10, we provide you with between 30 and 100 On-Page SEO audits a day, depending on which subscription you opt for.

As the name suggests, you’ll receive a full rundown of aspects that impact your on-page SEO, allowing you to get under the hood of your website. From there, you can see which aspects are performing as expected and which need a little work if your website ranks higher on search engines.

Some of the aspects you’ll be able to discover about your website through On-Page SEO include your overall website health, heading status, it’s keyword in URL, keywords gap, keywords in title, keywords in description, keywords density, underscores in the URL, image alt attributes, I-frame usage, word count, no-follow tag test, XML sitemap, check robots, disallow direct test, use of favicon, No-index tag, AMP and webserver.

New to SEO? On each of our pages, we’ll guide you through what each On-Page SEO tool means for your website, so you can quickly identify any issues and work on fixing them

For any SEO aficionados, you’ll notice that Eye10’s On-Page SEO tool works a little differently from traditional SEO audits. That’s because we want to allow you to see how your website or web page is optimized specifically for a particular keyword. We’ve made it easy to toggle between the issues that look great and those that need work, making your job straightforward.

Regardless of your SEO competency, say goodbye to confusing data and migraine-inducing SEO audit reports with On-Page SEO!

Backlink Checker

Turning our attention to your off-page SEO, Backlink Checker will identify how many websites link to your website. As well as the total number of backlinks and referring domains, you’ll instantly see information about the link attributes, the types of platforms linking to your content, and the domain extension of your backlinks.

Backlinks are important for any website because it’s not enough to just optimise your content for keywords and leave it at that. Search engines want to see that others are endorsing your website through links to your websites. When that happens, your rankings are more likely to climb. In addition, future content you publish is more likely to be indexed faster because search engines recognize your page as a trusted, helpful source for users.

Without knowing how many backlinks your website has, it’s difficult to know whether your off-page SEO efforts are truly working or not. But with Backlink Checker, the results are instantaneous. Furthermore, you can use the data Backlink Checker provides within our additional backlink tool, Backlink Monitor. Use both tools in tandem with each other to identify your backlinks and ascertain the value they bring to your website and whether further work is needed to boost the quality and quantity of your paid or organic backlinks.

Industry Checker

The best SEO strategies don’t just attract any old web traffic to a page but traffic that is most likely to convert. Factoring in the related niche of your content is one such way to ensure this will be the case.

Unlike identifying general SEO competitors, this task requires discovering your closest competitors specific to your niche. Industry Checker offers just the tool for the job, as it will crawl the internet to identify the websites competing for the same audience as you.

See how your website compares to the rest of your industry by discovering aspects such as keywords gap, keywords similarities, and keyword rankings. Eye10 will also provide an onsite audit, giving your website a content and technical performance report.

Industry Checker may reveal that your content isn’t aligning with your niche because the closest industry competitors aren’t within your niche. If so, then you can understand why the fixes are needed to change this.

However, the main aim of Industry Checker is to understand the search engine competition of your website’s niche and use these findings to implement meaningful changes that will allow your website to reign supreme on search engine results pages.
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