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Top 5 SEO tools you’ll want to use in 2021

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich January 19, 2021

The best SEO tools in 2021 Great SEO tools can get you a long way, when you are optimizing your website for search engine visibility, but which ones should you choose? The web is overloaded with different SEO tools, and the quality and useability of these tools can vary a lot. Different tools also tend […]

The fight for the number 1 spot – a digital competitive analysis guide

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich January 12, 2021

1. The basic steps When did you last do a digital competitive analysis? Was it when you developed your current digital marketing strategy? Or maybe you haven’t conducted one yet? If so, you’re are missing out on a lot of knowledge and insights that could boost your brand positioning and your business. This guide will […]

Top 12 SEO myths explained

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich January 5, 2021

Top 12 SEO myths explained The web is overloaded with guides, manuals, and blogs about anything from flower pruning to SEO optimization. Some advices can be extremely useful, and some aren’t true, and that’s why they have become myths. Some myths are harmless, while others can make you waste precious time and money. In this […]

Link building – learn the basic terms & strategies

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich December 22, 2020

1. The basic terms & strategies Like many other aspects of SEO, link building today is very different from what it was 10 years ago. You can no longer buy your website to the top of the SERPs with a couple of links here and there. Today, it’s a complex, broad and very diverse field, […]

SEO writing; what’s it about?

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich December 18, 2020

1. What is SEO writing? SEO stands for search engine optimization and characterizes the process of making a website and its content easy to understand, use and find using a search engine like Google or Bing. SEO writing is this art of making websites more visible and comprehendible for search engines. Combined with all the […]

Competitors, markets and customer behavior

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich December 16, 2020

1. Market impacts and changes in customer behavior Markets and customer behavior are always changing. As consumers, we get affected by local events such as the weather, terrorist attacks or presidential elections, and global ones such as wars, climate changes and pandemics. These market and behavioral changes can vary a lot from culture to culture, […]

SEO audit – everything you need to know

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich December 16, 2020

1. SEO audit – what is it? What is a SEO audit, and how does it differ from keyword or pagespeed optimization? The answer is very simple. Whereas the two latter optimization strategies deal with specific strategies of the SEO landscape, a SEO audit deals with the overall SEO performance of your website. It’s what […]

A Pagespeed Optimization Guide

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich December 15, 2020

1. Pagespeed Optimization – what’s the fuzz about? The SEO industry is changing all the time, and so are the SEO ranking factors that determine how search engines rate your website. But the most important and basic SEO factors that dictate your website ranking, will remain the same. In this guide, we will explain one […]

Keyword optimization: Learn the ways and works of keywords

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich December 15, 2020

1. The ways and works of keywords In the early search engine days keywords were literally key, but today, a lot of other SEO rankings factors is just as important. That doesn’t mean that keywords are not vital elements of your SEO efforts. A keyword optimization strategy is one of the most significant optimization strategies […]

Press Release: New SEO tool compares your website with your top 10 competitors

Naomi Sims Morten Frølich December 8, 2020

Danish software company eye10 has developed a SEO tool that provides an overview of your website’s performance compared to those of your closest competitors. eye10 has just launched a new SEO tool. What distinguishes this tool from other tools on the market is the opportunity to compare your website with your competitors: “eye10 gives you […]

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